NTTSARS is a non-profit 501(c)(3), no kill, volunteer rescue that is dedicated to providing a better life for homeless, abused and neglected animals. NTTSARS is run solely by volunteers to help save animals and prepare them to become a family companion. NTTSARS is dedicated to caring for these animals in our communities through adoption, vetting, training, sanctuary, cruelty investigation and community awareness as well as food pantry and low cost services when we are able.

Did you know that as an organization No Time To Spare Animal Rescue & Sanctuary spays, neuters, vaccinates, and corrects any health problems of our rescued pets? This includes but is not limited to common ailments such as worms, kennel cough, non contagious mange, ear infections, viruses, etc…..all the way up to more serious issues like contagious mange, heart worms, parvo, broken pelvis, hip replacement, starvation, mammory tumors, lumpectomy, dental issues,  and OMG all of this just in the last year! These animals are groomed, maintained and cared for while in our care. These gals and guys that run this rescue amaze me everyday! Before we are even awake they are up and getting it done. The hustle and bustle of feeding, watering, letting out, medicating, and exercising these animals begins at the crack of dawn. Behind the scenes volunteers run animals to vet appointments and back, to meet and greets and back, adoption events, home visits, food runs, craft fairs, flea markets, fundraisers, applying for grants, managing internet contacts and leads and pages, fostering, watching the kill list at the shelters daily, transporting animals from far away kill shelters, cleaning up after these rescued orphans, filtering through tons of phone calls and emails, meeting the demands for our license,  and most importantly SAVING THE LIVES OF THE INNOCENT! Please add this rescue as a friend of yours on facebook.